How to visit National Park Plitvice Lakes?

Tips & Tricks 2021.

How to dress?

Even in the middle of summer, you will find fresh and cool air in mountains: bring a jacket or warm, long sleeved shirt.

Plitivce lakes APP

Download the free app. “Plitvička jezera” where you will find all info about National park (ticket prices, tours, where to go, what to do, etc.) – iOS and Android

Working hours

     National park Plitvice lakes is open daily (Sundays and holidays included). Buy tickets on-line HERE.


What to wear?

Sneakers or hiking shoes are a good idea for a day long hike in National park Plitvice lakes.


Bus & Boat

You can use bus and boat for transportation in the Park. This services are included in the tickets price.

Credit card or cash?

You can buy tickets for Park with cash (Croatian kuna) or credit card. You need to know that you can eat and drink in parks restaurants&bars near lakes but payment for this services is cash only.


You will visit whole National park Plitvice lakes in just 7 hours of easy walking. We can suggest to relax in hot tube when you come back to Guest house Oreskovic.

Check weather forecast

Weather forecast for next 7 days is available at: Meteorological and Hydrological Service Croatia

Private guided tours

For a better experience in National park Plitvice lakes, you can hike around with private guide. Check our suggestion!


Rich breakfast is one of the most important elements before you start visiting National park Plitvice lakes.

Plitvice underworld

Visit Barac caves– secret and unexplored Plitvice underworld, just 30 km from Guest house Oreskovic.


NO swimming

Do not plan to swimm in lakes because swimming in National park Plitvice lakes is not allowed and, believe us, it’s too cold.


Live stream camera

Check out LIVE stream cam at National Park Plitvice lakes, Entrance NO. 1.


Bottle of water

You will vist lakes & waterfalls but don’t forget to bring enough water in bottle!

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