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We are really happy to share our 16 years experience with you and we would like to recommend TIPS & TRICKS about Plitvice lakes!

How much time do you need for a visit to Plitvice lakes?


Full day for full experiance!

If you like to hike and you want to visit all 16 lakes and water falls, plan whole day for Park!

Your day in Park should be easy going. Wake up in the morning, have a breakfast, prepare yourself and go to Park Entrance no 2. You sholud be in front of  Entrance 2. at 09:00 h and start your adventure!

Follow PROGRAM H and plan 4 – 6 h. You will walk 8.9 km in untouched nature! Dont worry, you will not hike all the time, there is bus and boat transportation in Program H, and they are included in ticket price. You should stop and rest sometimes and you can do that at  ST 1, ST 2, ST3 and P3 where you will find drinks, food and toilets.

Sightseeing PROGRAM H, National park Plitvice lakes

One thing you sholud think ahead : You are on holidays and you should not run through Croatia. Plitvice lakes are whole day acitivity on fresh air in nature, so we reccomend to come 1 day before, next day visit Park, come back to accommodation, rest and sleep. Second morning have a brekfast and continue your journey!
Don’t forget to stay extra night and discover more of Plitvice region and Lika county! 


I don’t have a whole day, what should I do?

Fast in and out at Plitvice lakes is not perfect solution but you can visit upper lakes or lower lakes just for few hours.


What to decide? Upper or lower lakes?

It is hard to tell. Our opinion is, UPPER lakes are more beautiful and charming than LOWER lakes, but LOWER lakes hide the biggest waterfall, 78 m high. Your decision is not easy!

Program you should follow for UPPER lakes is  PROGRAM E, duration: 2 – 3 h.

Program you should follow for LOWER lakes is  PROGRAM A, duration: 2 – 3 h, or PROGRAM B, duration: 3 – 4 h.

Sightseeing PROGRAM E, National park Plitvice lakes

Sightseeing PROGRAM A, National park Plitvice lakes

Sightseeing PROGRAM B, National park Plitvice lakes

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