When you decide to visit National park Plitvice lakes, you have to see our wonderful caves as well. 

Barać caves (Croatian: Baraćeve špilje) are located near the village of Nova Kršlja in the municipality of Rakovica, Croatia. 

In 1892 the caves were opened to visitors but subsequently abandoned and forgotten following World War II. In July 2004 the Upper Caves of Barać were reopened to visitors.

Caves are only 17 kilometres ( 10 miles) away from National park. In March, working hours are Friday-Saturday and Sunday, from 10 to 17. Tickets are 50 KN ( Croatian kuna) for adults and 30 KN for children.

Temperature in the caves is 9 degree Celsius, so you might want to bring a jacket. Pets are not allowed inside the caves, but there is a caged area in front of the caves, where you can leave them. Tour guide is included in the ticket price. 

Come and visit this uncut diamond, hidden in beautiful scenery of municipality of Rakovica.

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